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50 Years Later: A Riverbat Homecoming Fest

Saturday, September 23
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
ACC Highland | 6101 Highland Campus Drive - Map

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ACC Homecoming is for Everyone

ACC Band Performances 50 years apart
ACC film students 50 years apart.
Roland Hays speaking and teaching 50 years apart
ACC Chemistry Labs - Then and Now
ACC Auto Tech Classes - Then and Now
ACC piano and Music Classes then and Now

Calling all Riverbats!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, September 23. Austin Community College District invites you to a Riverbat Homecoming Fest!

This special open house celebrates the college’s 50th anniversary. Join us as we honor the past while you explore the college of the future.

Saturday, September 23
10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
ACC Highland | 6101 Highland Campus Drive – Map

Building Brighter Futures for 50 Years

Riverbat Homecoming Fest Activities



Explore 50 years of ACC memorabilia and discover the evolution of learning at ACC since 1973


Tour ACC’s state-of-the-art studios, simulation centers, labs, and more.


Discover hundreds of degree and certificate programs with live, hands-on demos.


Listen to the stories of Riverbats from the past 50 years, and join a live taping to add your voice to the ACC Story Project.


Watch live performances and join family-friendly shows, including Ready, Set, Learn! with ACC & Austin PBS.



Enjoy engaging panel discussions and talk with students, alumni, and our Founders.


Go 1-on-1 to learn about Financial Aid, Career Services, and more on your way to becoming a Riverbat.


Explore our exciting future of education, discovering how innovation is paving the way for 50 more years of ACC.

Riverbat Homecoming Fest Schedule

Austin Community College District is going all out for the college’s 50th anniversary! Riverbats past, present, and future are invited to Highland Campus on Saturday, September 23 for college-wide activities, student and professor showcases, and a celebration of the best of ACC from the past 50 years. For a full list of events, activities, and fun, view ACC’s Homecoming Fest Schedule below.

Welcome & Check-In

START HERE! Welcome to ACC’s Riverbat Homecoming Fest. Check in to get maps, activity information, and more.

Check-in Locations:

  • Bldg. 1000, West Entrance

  • Bldg.1000, Welcome Center/East Entrance

  • Bldg. 2000, Lower Paseo

  • Bldg. 2000, Upper Paseo

  • Bldg. 4000 Entrance, near Veterans Resource Center



Riverbat Homecoming Fest Activity Descriptions and Locations

Main Stage Performances – Lower Paseo

On stage near the ACC letters in the lower paseo, we’re kicking off with a 1973 dance party, followed by live, local talent all day. ACC’s Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month invites everyone to enjoy traditional dances, LatinX writers, and music by Jose Cafaro and Isabel Suarez!


  • 10:15  a.m. – Welcome Remarks & ACC Chamber Singer sing ACC’s School Song
  • 10:30 a.m. – Flashback! Hits of ’73 Dance Party 
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Celebrations
    • 11:45 a.m. – Luke Van Garza – Short Story Readings
    • Noon –  Roy Lozano Ballet Folklorico
    • 12:15 p.m. – Amor por Panama Grupo Folklorico – Traditional Dances from Panama
    • 12:30 p.m. – Tusuy Sonqo-Peru – Traditional Valicha Dance from Peru
    • 12:45 p.m. – Ysella Fulton Slavin – Poetry Readings 
    • 12:50 p.m. – Dee Lalo Garcia – Author Reading
    • 1:00 p.m.  – Isabel Suarez
    • 1:20 p.m.  – The VYB Project

Recital Hall Performances – Bldg. 2000, Upper Recital Hall

Highland Campus is opening up our Recital Hall for Homecoming with Opera, Jazz & art from ACC’s faculty, staff, and students!


  • 11:00 a.m. – ACC Jazz Ensemble – Open Rehearsal
  • Noon – Opera Workshop – Open Rehearsal
  • Noon – 2 p.m. –  ACC Faculty and Staff Art Exhibit Reception
Activity - Location
93.3 Latino Radio Station
¡Escucha en vivo a Latino 93.3 FM! - Upper Paseo
94.7 KAMX Radio Remote Broadcast

All the hits from Austin’s top pop music radio station. - Upper Paseo


ACC Admissions
Get information and 1-on-1 help applying to ACC! - Bldg. 1000, near Welcome Center
ACC Enrollment Support
Visit ACC's brand new Welcome Center in Building 1000. - Bldg. 1000, near Welcome Center
ACC Foundation

The ACC Foundation awards more than 1.5 million in scholarships to students every year. Learn more about our mission, members, and ways to give. - Bldg. 2000, near Mural

ACC Panel Discussions

Panel Schedule:

  • 10:30 - 11am: Discussion Based Courses: Dive into Great Questions Lecture Series
  • 11:30am - Noon: The Riverbat Experience: A Conversation with Students & Alumni
  • 12:30 - 1pm: Student Affairs Advising Support: Collaboration, Connection, and Caring
  • 1:30 - 2pm: Let’s talk about it: De-stigmatizing Mental Health Services

Bldg. 2000, Presentation Hall

Visit our studios and stages, then sit down to record your own ACC memories for the ACC Story Project. - Bldg. 4000, ACCTV Studio
Adult Education

Learn more about free classes for adults. Earn your GED, learn English, or prepare for college and careers in Central Texas. - Bldg. 2000, near the Make It Center


Advanced Manufacturing
Participate in demos & giveaways from our Advanced Manufacturing department. - Bldg. 2000, Impact Lab
African American Cultural Center
Explore Black History, Cultural Artifacts & Games - Bldg. 4000, TRHT Center
Agricultural Sciences
When it comes to fresh produce, our Ag Science Market Display is the cream of the crop! - Bldg. 2000, Lower Paseo
Allied Health Sciences
Check in at the Allied Health Sciences Information Table. - Bldg. 2000 near Health Sciences
Alumni Network: Welcome Back Riverbats

Once a Riverbat, Always a Riverbat! Connect with alumni and record your ACC Story for our 50th Anniversary ACC Story Project. - Bldg. 2000, Mural

American Sign Language
Interested in ASL' Swing by for 'Signing Demos' and helpful staff on hand to answer any questions. - Bldg. 2000, Upstairs hallway to 4000
Anthropology - Meet Your Ancestors!

Replica skulls of many ancient hominins (such as Lucy) will be set out for people to examine and sort into the correct order for a prize! - Bldg. 2000, Near Market


Arts & Digital Media
Explore the arts at ACC. Stop by for hands-on demos and the opportunity to talk 1-on-1 about your future in art and digital media with community artists and staff. - HLC, Bldg. 2000, near Arts/Digital Media department
Architectural & Engineering CAD
Learn more about the programs, technology, and unique career pathways offered by ACC. - Bldg. 2000, near Impact Lab

Check in at the Ascender Information Table at the Truth, Racial Healing and Transformation Center. Learn more about Mentorship and student clubs with Ascender. - Bldg. 4000,  TRHT Center

Learn more about the programs, technology, and unique career pathways offered by ACC. - Bldg. 2000, near CIS
Audio Technology
Listen in on our Audio Technology Riverbats, and learn more about ACC programs, career pathways, and unique opportunities like on-campus podcast recording studios. - Bldg. 2000, Flex Studio
Austin Bat Refuge

Enjoy fun and informative activities with Austin's Bat Refuge, while checking in at the Information Table. - Bldg. 2000, Lower Paseo

Austin PBS Education

Enjoy fun family activities with PBS and catch an interactive presentation for student parents and their children. - Bldg. 2000, Lower Paseo

Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology
Experience painting/spraying a vehicle using virtual reality technology. - Bldg. 2000, upstairs, near Make It Center
Automotive Technology
Visit a Virtual Mechanic Shop for virtual reality demos and hands-on walkthroughs. - Bldg. 2000, upstairs, near Make It Center
Check in at the Balloonpeople Information Table. - Bldg. 2000, outside Presentation Hall
Barnes & Noble Bookstore
Check in at the Barnes & Noble Bookstore, and check out with any reading/learning materials you may need. - Bldg. 4000, Downstairs Bookstore
Bioscience Incubator

Tour ACC’s Bioscience Incubator Labs. - Bldg. 4000, Bioscience Incubator.

Building Construction Technology

Explore prop and pre-built displays, or participate in construction activities. - TBA

Business Department

Learn more about business programs, experienced faculty, and how we can help your big idea break out into Austin's thriving economy. - Bldg. 2000, near Banana Split

Capital IDEA

Stop by for information, handouts, and opportunities for career growth in Central Texas with Capital IDEA - Bldg. 2000, Near Batnado


Career and Transfer Services

Start Here. Get There. Learn about the #1 transfer program in Texas and ACC's career pathways with videos & tours for current/future students. - Bldg. 4000, Downstairs, Career and Transfer Center

Care Flight Helicopter

An emergency helicopter is landing at ACC Highland! Care Flight will land the helicopter on the Upper Paseo for guests to check out! - Upper Paseo, Outside



Center for Peace & Conflict Studies

Engage with the students, faculty, and staff excited to share more about ACC's Center for Peace and Conflict Studies. - Bldg. 2000, upstairs hallway to 4000

College and High School Relations
ACC is always excited to offer more opportunities, programs, and ways to learn for high schoolers. Stop by to learn more about Dual Credit, Early College High School, and more. - Bldg. 1000, near Welcome Center

Learn more about the programs, technology, and unique career pathways offered by ACC. - Bldg. 1000, Upstairs Chemistry Labs


Child Care and Development
Learn more about Child Care and Development careers and programs at ACC. - Bldg. 2000, outside Presentation Hall
Children's Lab School at ACC
Our full-day, year-round early childhood education program is the pride of our Education department and a reliable resource for student parents, as well as faculty and staff. Say hi and learn more - Bldg. 2000, outside Presentation Hall

Learn more about the ACC programs and career pathways in Communications. - Bldg. 1000, Near Welcome Center



Computer Science and Information Technology
Don't just learn to code. Learn how to make coding, computer science, and IT an awesome career with 1-on-1 help and activities. - Bldg. 2000, near CIS
Continuing Education
Explore career certifications and lifelong learning with hands-on activities/ demos. - Bldg. 2000, Continuing Education

Learn more about counseling at ACC, and how student support services can help make the difference for your mental health in college. - Bldg. 1000, Upstairs, Near Welcome Center



Criminal Justice Department

Learn about law enforcement training & equipment displays - Bldg. 2000, in the Make It Center


Tour our Culinary Arts training kitchens, get your questions answered 1-on-1 and check in at the information table. - Bldg. 2000 between Culinary & Hospitality
Tour dance studios, get 1-on-1 information, and enjoy dance film screenings. - Upper Paseo near Dance Studios
Education Instruction
Step inside ACC's Education Instruction programs, taking part in giveaways and activities for the whole family! - Bldg. 2000, outside Presentation Hall
Learn more about the programs, technology, and unique career pathways offered by ACC. - Bldg. 2000, near CIS
Engineering Technology
Enter giveaways and find out how ACC's Engineering Technology program can map your path to an ACC bachelor's degree, A&M Engineering, and more! - Bldg. 2000 near Impact Lab
Enrollment Management

Join us for 1-on-1 support in applying and enrolling in ACC. Or just drop by to say hi! - Bldg. 1000, near Welcome Center


Event Staff Green Room

Thank you so much to all of our event staff and volunteers! Check in at the Event Staff Green Room for information, materials, and instruction. - LOCATION PENDING




Exercise Science

Spin the muscle wheel! Take part in interactive games from our Exercise Science department and learn the science behind everyday activity. - Bldg. 2000, near staircase

Facilities and Construction
Walk through ACC's historical displays & exhibits. - Bldg. 2000
Fashion Design
We're rolling out the purple carpet for family-friendly sewing activities and information about Fashion Design at ACC. - Bld. 4000, Fashion Lab
Fashion Marketing
The first step to becoming a fashion tastemaker is to make your voice heard! Learn about the programs, degrees, and opportunities in Fashion Marketing. - Bld. 4000, Fashion Lab
Esteemed ACC faculty and staff will be presenting program information about our Finance program. -  
Fire Training Academy

Explore ACC’s fully tourable fire truck display used by the Fire Training Academy. - Outside, Fire Truck Display

Game Development, Animation & Motion Graphics
Explore the programs and meet the people creating games, animation, and virtual experiences at ACC. - Bldg. 2000, near Game Development dept.
Geospatial Engineering
Learn about Geospatial Engineering technology like land surveying equipment - Bldg. 2000, near lab
Dental Hygiene
Join information sessions & hands-on activities from our Dental Hygiene department. - Bldg. 2000 Health Sciences
Geographic Information Systems

Join us for Drone Demos and student map displays. - Bldg. 2000, GIS lab


Learn more about Geography programs with hands-on activities while going 1-on-1 to get to know the students, faculty, and staff at ACC. - Bldg. 2000, Near Market



Activity - Location
Health Sciences Division
ACC is the #1 educator of healthcare professionals. Explore our Health Sciences programs and facilities with hands-on learning and giveaways. - Bldg. 2000 near Health Sciences
Health & Kinesiology
Stop by for information & demonstrations related to Health and Kinesiology at ACC. - Bldg. 2000, near Market

If summertime has taught us anything, it's the importance of A/C. Explore ACC programs and specialized equipment displays for the essential careers in Central Texas. - Bldg. 2000 near MIC

Honors Program
Check in at the Honors Program information table & participate in giveaways. - Bldg. 2000, upstairs hallway to 4000
Tour Hospitality training facilities, get your questions answered 1-on-1 and check in at the information table. - Bldg. 2000 between Culinary & Hospitality
Hot Dog King of Austin
Hot dog! All premium franks, sausages, and ice cold drinks sold from this popular food truck. - Outside Bldg. 2000, Upper Paseo
Human Services Program
Check in at the Human Services Information Table - Building 2000, Near banana split
Intramural Sports

Check out intramural sports at ACC with activities and fun for students and families! - Bldg. 2000, near entrance to 1000


Interdisciplinary Studies

Meet with faculty, pick up some swag, and get information on degree programs. - Bldg. 2000, Near Market



Tour our studios and workspaces, then check out a Casting demonstration with the Jewelry department. - Bldg. 4000 near Jewelry department
Kona Ice Truck
Get your shaved ice here! Refreshing Kona Ice snow cones will be available near the parking garage, outside the upper paseo! - Outside Bldg. 2000, Upper Paseo
Latin American Cultural Center
Connect with local community members and learn more about the El Centro, the Latin American Cultural Center at Riverside Campus. Join us in the Truth, Racial Healing, and Transformation Center! - Bldg. 4000, TRHT Center
Liberal Arts
The Liberal Arts at ACC is your key to unlocking a wider understanding of the world around us, and the skills to make a difference in whatever career you choose. Meet our faculty and staff and see where the Liberal Arts can take you! - Bldg. 2000, Upper Level
Library Services

Come in for a coloring book or word search and check out library services at Highland and across ACC campuses. - Bldg. 1000, Library

Make It Center
Find your future at the Make it Center. The MIC is ACC's state-of-the-art career exploration hub, with ready-to-use virtual reality simulations, hands-on experiments; and interactive displays exploring the fastest growing jobs and industries in Central Texas. - Bldg. 2000, Make It Center
Learn about Marketing, degrees and careers while getting your questions answered 1-on-1 by ACC faculty. -  
Math Department

STEM Careers Start Here. Learn more about how ACC provides college and career pathways for students interested in pursuing Mathematics. - Bldg. 2000, Upstairs, near CIS



Medical Lab Technology
Explore the tests and technology used by MLTs and phlebotomists in healthcare. - Bldg. 2000 near Health Sciences
Military Families Center

As the military community in Central Texas grows, Austin Community College is committed to meeting the needs of our service members and their families. The ACC Military Families Center is here to help spouses and their children adjust to life in Central Texas and connect with other military families. Drop by to learn more about our mission, our community, and ways to get involved. - Building 4000, Near Veterans Resource Center



Music Department
What's a good party without Music' Learn more about programs, opportunities, and careers from ACC's Music Department. -  
Music & Entertainment Live On Stage

On stage near the ACC letters in the lower paseo, we’re kicking off with a 1973 dance party, followed by live, local talent all day. ACC’s Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month invites everyone to enjoy traditional dances, LatinX writers, and music by Jose Cafaro and Isabel Suarez.


  • 10:15 a.m. - Welcoming Remarks & ACC School Song Performance by the ACC Chamber Singers
  • 10:30 a.m. - Flashback! Hits of '73 Dance Party



Flex Factory Music, Performances, & Films

The Flex Factory gives all Arts and Digital Media, and Live Sound students the opportunity to showcase their talents in real world performance settings.  - Bldg. 2000, Flex Studio

Flex Factory Schedule: 

  • 10-11 a.m. -  RTF student films
  • 11-11:45 a.m. -  Isabel Suarez
  • 11:45-12:30 p.m. - RTF student films
  • 12:30-1:30pm -  Entropy - DJ Duo



Non-Profit Austin
Check in at the Non-Profit Austin information table to learn more about organizations and initiatives doing good across Central Texas. - Bldg. 2000, Presentation Hall
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Explore the Occupational Therapy information table and specialized equipment displays. - Bldg. 2000 near Health Sciences
Opera Workshop Open Rehearsal

The classical art of Opera combines story, music, drama and movement through song. See how these virtuoso vocalists prepare for their roles.  - Bldg. 2000, Recital Hall Rehearsal Time: Noon


Parking and Transportation

Get your questions answered by Parking and Transportation staff. - Upper Paseo



Parking at Highland Campus
Please park in the Highland Campus Parking Garage or designated parking zones. - South Parking Garage, Highland Campus
Photography - 50th Anniversary Photo Booth

ACC’s Photography department is hosting a 50th Anniversary Photobooth! - Bldg. 2000, Downstairs, near Photography



*New at ACC!* Parent and Family Engagement Office

We know how important parents and families are to every college student's journey. Learn about ACC's NEW Parent & Family Engagement Office and all the resources/free workshops available to empower families and support student success. - HLC, Bldg. 1000 near Welcome Center

Professional Nursing
Stop by for information related to Professional Nursing programs at ACC. - Bldg. 2000 near Health Sciences
Professional Nursing - RN-to-BSN Program
Registered Nurses can upgrade their degree and salary with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from ACC. Talk to faculty and staff about 1-year programs, online options and more opportunities for RNs. - Bldg. 2000 near Health Sciences
Phi Theta Kappa

Ninety-two percent of Phi Theta Kappa members at ACC graduate, transfer, and continue on toward successful careers. Meet PTK leaders and get your questions answered! - Bldg. 2000, Upstairs hallway to 4000

Try on a career as a technologist in the Cath Lab and join us for simulations/demonstrations. - Bldg. 2000 near Health Simulation Centers
Radio, TV & Film

The visual arts are alive in Austin, Texas. Learn more about ACC's Radio, Television, and Film programs and our connection to local TV station, ACCTV. - Bldg. 2000, Flex Studio

R.B.'s Pup Club for Kids
Hey kids! Come see, pet, and party with the dawgs, at R.B.'s Pup Club Riverbat Station! - Bldg. 2000, outside Presentation Hall
Real Estate
Learn more about the programs, opportunities, and pathways to a successful career in Real Estate, starting at ACC. -  
Records and Information Management
Discover 50 years of historical photos & help identify the people, memories and events that shaped our past and inform our future. - Bldg. 2000
Recital Hall

Highland Campus is opening up our Recital Hall for Homecoming! - Bldg. 2000, Upper Recital Hall



Red Bull
Visit the Red Bull Mini Cooper and enjoy a Red Bull beverage - Bldg. 2000, Outside Upper Paseo
Safety & Environmental Management & Emergency Management

Trivia time! Join us for safety, environmental, and emergency management trivia. - Bldg. 2000

ACC School Song Performance

Catch an awesome rendition of ACC’s school song, sung by Chamber Singers. - Bldg. 2000, Recital Hall



Check out sonography simulations, training equipment, and careers in Central Texas. - Bldg. 2000 near the MIC
Student Advocacy Center & Student Care Center
College students and their families can use all the help we can give them! Join us for presentations & information sessions -  
Student Affairs
Stop by the Student Affairs photo booth and information table for giveaways - Bldg. 2000, near 1000
Student Government Association
Learn more about our Student Government Association and opportunities for you to get involved across Central Texas. - Bldg. 2000, near 1000
Student Life
Stop by Student Life for helpful information and games. - Bldg. 2000 at 10:00 am
Student Personal Supports
Join live forums with ACC professionals and the local community. - HLC, Bldg. 2000
Student Technology Services
Most Riverbats need working technology to make college work for them. Learn more about opportunities to borrow tech, free software, and more. - Bldg. 2000, upper hallway to 4000
Supplemental Instruction
Curious about Supplemental Instruction at ACC' Come say hi at our information table. - Bldg. 2000, upstairs hallway to 4000
Sustainability at ACC
Learn more about how ACC campuses are committed to sustainability, including active transformational efforts of the former Highland Mall. - Bldg. 2000, upstairs, near MIC
Surgical Technology
Walk through ACC's OR Simulation Room and see our surgical model open and set up for hands-on activities. - Bldg. 2000 near Health Sciences

Learn about TESLA START Manufacturing at ACC, a training program with real-world experience in one of the area’s top industries. - Bldg. 2000, Near Impact Lab



TLED: Forging the Future Breakroom

Join us from 9:30am-2:30pm in the “Forging the Future” Break Room at the Highland Campus room  to watch footage from our history and the impact that ACC has had over the last 50 years. Enjoy some refreshments while escaping the heat and learn about ACC history. Sponsored by the Teaching & Learning Excellence Division (TLED). - Bldg. 1000 Room: 2405





The Art Galleries at ACC (TAG)

The Art Galleries at ACC will have special open Saturday hours on September 23 for our fall exhibition, Narrated Memories: Works by ACC Alumni Laurie Frick, Heather Parrish, and Michael Villarreal. We are also hosting an informal reception for the ACC Faculty and Staff Art Exhibition in the TAG Art Lab 12pm - 2pm. - Art Galleries, Building 2000 & 4000



Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation Center

Make your voice heard with Open Mic activities and tours of the TRHT Center. We are also hosting the African American Cultural Center and Latin American Cultural Center for the festival. - Bldg. 2000, TRHT Center

Check out UFCU's information table & giveaways. - Bldg. 2000, Lower Paseo
Visual Communication
For some programs, you've got to see it to believe it! Connect with students, faculty, and staff in Visual Communication as you learn more about the program and its pathways. - Bldg. 2000, Upstairs
Welcome & Check-In
START HERE! Welcome to ACC's Riverbat Homecoming Fest. Check in to get maps, activity information, and more. - Multiple Stations

Try Virtual Welding, Blacksmithing & Art Metals at ACC. - Bldg. 2000, Make It Center

Workforce Education - Apprenticeships

Check out Workforce Education's information table. - HLC, Bldg. 2000, near the Make It Center

Yalla Burgers & Wings
Order fresh, all beef halal burgers, bone-in and boneless wings, vegan burgers and more from this Austin food truck. - Outside Bldg. 2000, Upper Paseo

Spirit Week Schedule of Events

If you’re a Riverbat, join us for the entire week of 50th-anniversary celebrations. All 11 campuses will host their own activities throughout the week leading up to our Riverbat Homecoming Fest. There’s a special theme each day of the week. All Riverbats are invited to participate.

Scroll through a full week of on-campus activities and themed fun for students, faculty and staff!

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