Planning Committee

Planning Committee

How we celebrate 50 years of ACC is led by the 50th Anniversary Planning Committee. The team represents all areas of the college— founders, faculty, staff, students, and employee associations. The committee manages everything from branding to community engagement to the event timeline.


  • Dr. Barbara Mink, ACC Trustee and founding faculty member
  • Brette Lea, VC of College Relations & Marketing


  • Perry Crafton
  • Dr. Julie Todaro
  • Michelle Fitzpatrick, Full-time Faculty Senate
  • Christina Michura, Adjunct Faculty Senate
  • Dr. Susan Thomason, TLED

Business, External Community, & Fundraising

  • Amy Bawcom, ACC Foundation
  • Azure Brown, Institutional Records
  • Chris Cervini, Public Affairs
  • Dr. Khayree Williams, TRHT
  • Mary Ann Cicala, Alumni Network
  • Liliana Tobasco, College Relations

Founders & Employees

  • Dr. Bill Montgomery, ACC Historian
  • Kimberly Anderson, Classified Association
  • Nicole Bell, Human Resources

Communications & Event Planning

  • Jessica Vess, College Relations & Communications
  • Sharrion Jenkins, Operations/Events
  • Dahlia Anzaldua Torres, College Relations
  • Kim Langridge, College Relations

Students Affairs/Students

  • Stefanie Vermillion, Student Affairs
  • Dr. Lauren Sebel, Student Affairs
  • SGA – Kay Trent, SGA Vice President
  • PTK – Brandy Lewis, Phi Theta Kappa,