Mini-Grant Program

ACC’s 50th Anniversary Event Mini-Grant Program

Austin Community College District’s (ACC) 50th Anniversary Event Mini-Grant Program provides the opportunity for college programs, teams, and departments/offices to host and schedule their own events celebrating this milestone and receive financial support for such activities.  

The ACC 50th Anniversary Planning Committee will consider financial assistance for mini-grant proposals in increments of $500.

Review of applications will be contingent upon availability of funds, and/or at the discretion of the Vice Chancellor of College Relations & Marketing for continuing, limiting, or eliminating the funding based upon institutional financial constraints. The initial budget, if approved by the Administration of ACC, for the consideration for its anniversary celebrations is $25,000.

All applications will be screened by the co-chairs of the 50th Anniversary Event Sub-Committee and the Anniversary Advisory Committee. The committees may confer with other areas of the college to rule out possible duplication of funding consideration from another source. 

The timelines/calendar for 50th Anniversary Events Mini-Grants Program will be posted on this page.


Applications will be reviewed on the following criteria:

  1. It is the applicant’s responsibility to write a convincing application with supporting arguments and evidence that show the project or event as strengthening ACC’s long-term commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. And also, be consistent with the mission and core values of ACC as expressed in the Strategic Plan.
  2. The proposed event or project should have a strong conceptual framework based upon rubrics from the ACC Academic Master Plan, and the Chancellor’s Equity metrics and milestones. Those rubrics include alignment with Strategic Plan, how many students will be impacted, projected results (e.g., increases in students’ access, persistence, completion, transfer, employment, learning, cultural proficiency, evidence of viability, and innovation). The proposed event or project should be clearly defined, with easily identified starting and ending points and specific activities.
    3. The proposed event or project should have specific goals, and measurable outcomes.
    4. The proposed event or project should have a plan for assessing impact.
  3. The event or activity should revolve around the theme of the ACC 50th anniversary and ACC’s impact to Central Texas, be it the alumni that go on to flourish, the programs that are offered, the vast skills and knowledge of the faculty, or the impact that the administration brings to the table.
    5. Grant applicants are encouraged to seek broad visibility for the event or project.
    6. A final report is required. That report is due no later than three months after the funded activity. Failure to submit a final report may forfeit participation or acquisition of related funds in the future. 

Successful applicants are expected to include the ACC 50th Anniversary logo on all promotional material in accordance with college guidelines and to reference that the event/project was funded by an ACC 50th Anniversary Event Mini-Grant.  

The listing for this event will be included in the revolving schedule of anniversary-related events that may or may not be shared outside of ACC, pending the intended audience.

The following list includes examples of potential 50th Anniversary programs/activities that could qualify for a grant:

  • Guest speakers on a topic celebrating ACC’s history.
  • Special program(s) intended to increase respect for diversity of the college’s student population, faculty, staff, and alumni. 
  • Projects to enhance and support the recruitment, retention, and development of a diverse full-time faculty and staff.
  • Events or activities should be focused on the subject of the College’s 50th anniversary.