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In honor of our 50th Anniversary, ACC is collecting the voices and memories of those whose lives have been touched by this institution whose mission has evolved to support multiple generations of Central Texans. We want to add your voice. Our mission is to build connections, encourage compassion, and share stories.Have a story to tell? We’d love for you to join the ACC Story Project and preserve your voice for future generations.

In the 50 years since Austin Community College opened its doors, hundreds of thousands of lives have been impacted. ACC celebrates every individual journey.

Dr. Dorado Kinney’s ACC Story

“We are really working hard to put the community back into the community college. As we grow, and as we broaden horizons it’s only going to benefit the communities that we serve. I think it’s going to be a bright 50 years coming.”

Terry Barksdale’s ACC Story

“I stand on generations of shoulders. There are many many people who, they day they arrived here in 1973, already had a mindset of what our community could look like if we call worked together.”

Dr. Manuel Gonzalez’s ACC Story

“Whenever I talk about ACC, I do it with a great sense of pride. Pride, in knowing that I am a part of an institution that is really making a difference in breaking generational cycles of poverty.”

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You can record a story using ACC’s 50th Anniversary ACC Story Project self-directed recording tools or visit one of our roaming 50th Anniversary Story Project recording sites.

Record On Your Own


Use your own phone or computer to record your story using ACC’s DIY resources. This option is great if you just want to tell your story and avoid an interview format.

Record Virtually

Schedule a virtual appointment with a member of ACC’s Story Project team to record your message. This opportunity can be both in interview format or a solo recording.

Record In-Person

Visit one of our roaming ACC’s Story Project booths to record your story in-person. This option is great for those who want to record a story on their own or in an interview format.

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