Tips for Submitting Your Own Recording

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Tips for Submitting Your Own Recording<br />

Questions to Guide Your Recorded Story

  • When did you move to Austin?
  • What brought you to ACC?
  • Who was the most influential person during your time at ACC?
  • What is your passion? How did ACC help you pursue this?
  • What do you value most and why?
  • How does ACC fit into your values?
  • What were some memorable moments of your time at ACC?
  • Can you think of any funny stories from your ACC journey?
  • How would you describe ACC?

Set Up Context

  • Keep in mind that listeners may not be familiar with the specific people and places you mention. Be sure you set context throughout your story.

Best Practices

  • Try as much as possible to shoot your video in brightly lit areas while avoiding backlit-settings
  • Record in landscape orientation if possible
  • Keep your phone steady while recording
  • Make sure your phone is close enough to you to block out distractions and provide a clear video