Tips for an In-Person Recording

ACC Coordinator/Recruiter Joshua Carriere tells his ACC story during the General Assembly on Friday, September 16, 2022, at the University of Texas at Austin AT&T Hotel and Conference Center.

What to Expect

  • Come Prepared
  • Arrive 10 to 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment
  • Bring a list of questions or talking points with you. If you need help, read our conversation guide below
  • Bring a bottle of water

Things to know about the Interview Format

  • Plan for a 30 minutes session
  • Use your prepared question list, and remember these are just suggestions to get you started. Trust your instincts.
  • Feel free to ask questions
  • Look at your storyteller’s eyes, not the microphone
  • Be yourself; you can laugh or even cry with your interviewer
  • Emotional questions like “how does this make you feel?” often elicit thoughtful responses. Don’t be afraid to ask
  • Be curious and honest
  • Remember, your interviewer will likely take notes while you’re talking. They will also keep time and monitor audio
After the Recording
  • After your recording, the college will take your photograph. If you’re submitting a recording on your own, please include a high-resolution photo.
  • If you record virtually or in-person with ACC, we will send you a digital copy for download after your recording is archived.
Questions to Guide Your Conversation
  • When did you move to Austin?
  • What brought you to ACC?
  • Who was the most influential person during your time at ACC?
  • What is your passion? How did ACC help you pursue this?
  • What do you value most and why?
  • How does ACC fit into your values?
  • What were some memorable moments of your time at ACC?
  • Can you think of any funny stories from your ACC journey?
  • How would you describe ACC?
  • Why do you want to share your story today?